Girls Soccer Season at Pueblo West High School

The Girls Soccer Season has had ups and downs so far. Their first scrimmage was on March 3, 2023 and their first game was on March 9.

The girls’ team goal is to win SCL and make it to state. To do this, they have to beat County in the milk-jug game. To achieve their goals they practice 5 days a week, have games, learn, and push each other to do their best. They have team bonding dinners to get to know each other better and grow relationships. Overall, the girls soccer season has gone well, and it is exciting to see the girls growing and improving to accomplish their goals.

Marissa McCulloch, who is on varsity as a freshman, has been noticed by a college coach and has had a lot of playing time throughout the season. She says that her favorite part of playing is getting to have great teammates, a competitive environment, and having the ability to be pushed to do her best by teammates and coaches. Marissa has been playing since she was 3 years old. Some of her inspiration has been seeing others successful in professional soccer and the great environment. Her favorite part of soccer is the heart, the wins, losses, and coming together as a team to improve.

Some of the girls on the soccer team have already committed to colleges, and others plan on doing so in the future.