Fluctuating Weather In Pueblo Colorado

Recently, areas of lower elevations throughout Colorado have been experiencing severe drought. Along with drought came weeks upon weeks of red flag warnings, but finally some relief.

This week Pueblo received consistent and heavy rains which were desperately needed.

So why does Colorado have such bizarre weather?

The answer is actually relatively simple: Colorado’s high elevation and its location.

The average elevation in Colorado is 6,800 ft but the elevation from area to area can vary greatly. This results in a plethora of temperatures and weather conditions from region to region. According to an article from Colorado State University, “Wide variations occur within short distances. The difference (35 degrees F) in annual mean temperature between Pikes Peak and Las Animas, 90 miles to the southeast, is about the same as that between southern Florida and Iceland. ”

Regions in the Plains (such as Pueblo) are often hit by patches of polar air, resulting in drastic drops in temperature, however, this air is not able to pass over the mountains. Warm winds from the west will then travel over these polar airs resulting in a rapid rise in temperature. That is why Pueblo can fluctuate from cold to warm temperatures(and vice versa) so quickly while other regions don’t experience the same effects.