Girls Lacrosse Team

The Lacrosse season started on February 27, and it is an exciting time for the players at Pueblo West High School.  There is only a varsity team, which has 13 players total. Their first game was against Pine Creek, and they won in overtime. Their second game was against Palmer Ridge. Talya Wilson shot the winning goal at Pine Creek.

She is a junior here at Pueblo West and has been playing lacrosse for 10 years. Talya says that the competitiveness is what keeps her playing, and that lacrosse is a unique sport that not many people know about. She is excited for next year, her senior season, and will be playing in college.

Aby Lyons, who is a freshman, is also on the lacrosse team here at Pueblo West. “My favorite part of lacrosse is having to adapt quickly to what the other team is doing on offense and also being around the amazing girls on the team,” Aby says.

Last year, the girls lacrosse team made it to playoffs for the first time ever and they made it to the second round. A big goal this season for the girls would be to make it to playoffs again, and see if they can get further. Something else the girls are looking forward to is growth throughout the team.