Media Center Renovations

PW’s media center is going to be going under renovations. The renovations will be completed by August. Plans have already been made. There will be a cafe, the E.R, and tutoring.

According to Principal Wagner, D70 is responsible for making these the changes. They are heading it with Brian Axworthy, Director of Nutrition Services, leading.

According to Mr. Linkowski, a DECA advisor and marketing teacher, the cafe will be where the brown tiles are now in the media center, and it will take the place of the DECA store. The cafe will be staffed by DECA students and ESS students. It will have various drinks and pastries.

Frank Suarez, PWHS technology specialist, will have the electronic repair room in the media center. The E.R. will be able to laminate and copy documents next year, as well as printing. Students will pay for these services. Its current location will become a classroom.

The books in the media center will be available to take and read. Students can then bring them back or bring another book in its place. A book exchange of sorts. There will also be board games available to students to play, serving as an activity for waiting after school.

The media center will have peer tutoring for the core subjects. A new all digital hall pass system will be put in place and students will utilize that when going to the media center for tutoring. The media center is soon hoped to be a place for students to relax, have fun, and get help.