Bye Bye Birdie Beginnings

Coming to Pueblo West High School’s theater is the musical Bye Bye Birdie. Production does not begin until after Christmas break, but anticipation is building.Currently the cast is undetermined but auditions concluded on Tuesday the thirteenth and results came out Wednesday the fourteenth.  According to Lisa King, who is Pueblo West’s choir teacher, 40 students have auditioned.  In an interview with Mrs. King about the audition process she said;”For the audition students had to learn a one minute song and two dances. Those auditioning for the role of Rosy had to learn a separate dance. For some students we knew right away, but others needed a call back to determine their roles.” Rosy was in fact the most auditioned for role. She was described as “cute, out there, and independent for the time that the musical was written”. Rosy’s main role in the musical is secretary for Birdie’s agent.

The story of Bye Bye Birdie follows an Elvis like rockstar by the name of Conrad Birdie. Birdie is kept on track by his agent Albert Peterson and Albert’s secretary Rosy Alvarez(mentioned above). In the words of ___”Everyone is swimming over this Elvis like Rockstar.” The musical was originally written in 1960 by Charles Strouse. After its appearance, Charles won a Tony Award for the production.

After Christmas break the drama club will be working hard to bring this production to life on March 15th,16th,and 17th.