High School Fights; When Do They Cross the Line?

Those roaming the halls of Pueblo West High may have noticed a common motif, stopping the flow of the halls, interrupting classes, and what would that be? High School fights. A seemingly common thing in America, but when does it become too far? The most obvious response to this is that it as a whole is detrimental, it crosses the line as soon as it enters the doors of our beloved school. Nobody wants to be surrounded in an environment where you’re either in a fight and have it coming. With these fights being so common, the school systems struggle with their image and managing the students within the campus. ¬†While it may be a common thing for students to act out during school, it shouldn’t be normalized.The consequences of fights with in the school has a stronger effect than most think. These fights diminish the reputation of the school, and also lead to less funding from kids being pulled out because of them. It creates a cycle of bad reputation, which leads to less kids, which in turn means less funding and this comes back to the reputation of the school and continues. Despite the popularity of them, in no way would fights be the best answer to handle ones business, especially in such a public and sensitive place where judgement and problems occur everyday. It pushes the boundaries of how young adults should act and crosses an important line as soon as it’s introduced. For the sake of reputation and the overall wellbeing of our students, it should be stopped. Things should be implemented to put an end to fights. So is this just an inevitable thing that all schools have to live with? It is close to impossible to stop such a thing and it’s impact it’s had on so many schools completely, but with progress and structure of the students it can be slowed down. With implements of not only more consequences but also denser consequences it would be beneficial. Additional days suspended or taking other factors into consideration like all who may have be involved, instigators, the start and/or root of the altercation, the history and background of the participants would also serve a purpose. Cameras and additional policies would help to enforce this and try to put an end to the issue of school fights.